Exquisite Entertainment Group

Artist Management & Direction


               Priscilla M. Johnson, Hales from Jackson Mississippi were, she has all ways enjoyed singing and giving praises unto our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Know to friends and family as PJ.  She is the third of four vocally talented siblings. In hope of being a National and Internationally known recording Artist, PJ left her roots and relocated to what some call Sin City. But PJ came with the intention of winning souls for Christ, through her angelic and melodious voice.

                Allowing, God to be a light unto her feet and a lamp unto her path. PJ has currently released her freshman project, entitled “Priscilla” with the title song “Right Were I Belong”, Produced by Silas Washington. Priscilla is also very well known for her writing and arranging ability. She is quoted as saying; that she often gets a natural high, an adrenalin rush that takes over when she is being about her Father in heaven Business. In music and in Life!

               PJ is also the mother of Three very vocally gifted children (Kirsten,Benjamin,Aaron), Who have formed the singing group known as “P3”. Representing Priscilla’s three! In there effort to fallow in there moms foot steps, it wont be very long until we see the release of there freshman project.

My Music is spiritual poetry at its best! In listening to the songs that God has allowed me to release, if you will open your heart and receive what the Lord have given me I’m sure it will minister to you as well. Leaning on Mark 11: 22-24, I Pray you enjoy!!!