Exquisite Entertainment Group

Artist Management & Direction

About Us


We are a body of believers with a love for God first, and a love for the art of theater and music. We will reach out to aspiring actors and actresses, bands, singers, and lyricists. By lying a foundation and providing a location that will house all the tools needed to enhance a beginner’s career in the entertainment industry. Not only will we cater to the newcomer, but we will also utilize the experience of the more seasoned artist and/or actors to assist in grooming our rising talent. 

We are dedicated to providing exceptional management for those who seek a career in the industry, and to elevate their craft to star potential. EEG will search for the those individuals and groups that would like to break ground in the business, and consult with our development team to ensure that each new member or group will receive the absolute best treatment known in this business.

We honor all those who have the undoubted love for music, art, and theater. EEG gives each artist direct care and attention to form their talent into something extraordinary. We are totally and completely committed to developing a once shy and timid person or group, into a powerhouse. Exquisite Entertainment Group’s sole purpose is to grasp the true concept of networking our artist to the heads of record labels, motion picture corporations, and various other entertainment ventures.

EEG will be a force to reckon with, now and into the near future. We are adamant to be the next enormous entertainment management conglomerate and our commitment to excellent will surpass any expectations with God as our constant guide.



                                                                                    Chandra D. Hardwick, CEO